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A Few Things You Need to Know about Google Classroom Sign in, Purpose and More

Summary: To know about Google Classroom, kindly give this article a very good read!
If you have been wondering why Google classroom is a current rage, then let me tell you that there are various factors behind it. The facility that it provides to the users is definitely worth praising and once you start using it, there is no looking back. But if you are a newbie to this and don’t really know much about it apart from the fact that every other person is talking about it in online forums, then this is the article that you should go through.
Let’s dig in.

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What is Google Classroom?

It is a free web service which has been developed by Google and was announced back on May 6, 2014. You can use it for creating, distributing and even grading assignments. It was mainly developed for making the process of sharing notes in between teachers and students easier.

Google even updated it and integrated Google calendar into Google classroom so that remembering and recording field trips, assignment deadlines, etc becomes smoother. And in May 2017, Google made it even better because ever since then, you can join the classroom without possessing a G Suite for Education Account. Isn’t this amazing?

Now, it’s time to enlighten you about its features. Take a look.

Google Classroom Feature

The main aim is to provide a paperless system to the educational institutions. So, what it does is that it ties Google docs, sheets, Google Drive, Gmail, and Google slide together and students can be invited to this classroom through the database of the institution by using a private code. The private code can be either added to the user interface of the individuals who would be using it or else, can be imported from the domain of the educational institution.

So, Why Google Classroom?

If this is the question that has been lingering in your mind, then here are the things which will convince you that it is totally worth it!

  • Share Your Resources

    This amazing classroom allows the teachers to share documents, videos or links with your students. It can actually make the entire process of learning much more fun and exciting!


  • Announcements

    Whether the teacher wants to take a test next week or let them know about the deadline for the ongoing project, announcing such things have been made much easier with Google Classrooms.


  • Create a Lesson

    It can even allow them to create an assignment. Attach anything and everything like links, videos, documents and the students will be able to access them automatically. Isn’t this really hassle-free?


  • Reduces the Chances of Cheating for an Examination

    Examination and cheating go hand in hand. Thanks to Google classrooms, now you can put an end to it as the documents cannot be shared with each other.


  • Protect Privacy

    By restricting its access, it provides you with the maximum level of privacy as well.


  • Collaboration and Discussion

    Education is always fun when it is engaging for the students. It gives you the grounds to collaborate with the students and even discusses something with them. For discussing on a certain topic, all you need to do is creating a spreadsheet and allowing them to access it so that they can put in their respective opinions. So, even the shyest student will definitely put in his or her voice.


  • Grading

    Teachers can also grade the assignments and send them back to the students. Also, it will be easier as a teacher will get the email IDs of all the students just at a click of a button.


  •  Just at a Click!

    Remember the days when it is really tedious to collect various parts of the same project? Yes? well, you can now bid goodbye to this, by welcoming Google


  • View Submission

    You can also view if your students have submitted or not, through this system.


So, why delay any further? Go paperless with

What? Wondering about the whole sign in process? Don’t worry; it is quite easy. Keep reading to explore.

2 Ways for google classroom student sign in:
You can sign in by either using a G Suite for Education account that has been set up by the educational institution; or else, through a personal Google account that has been set up by you.

Steps to follow:

  1. Go to, click Sign In and then enter your personal Google account username or your G Suite for Education username.
  2.  Click Next.
  3. Follow this step by entering your password and then, clicking on sign in.
  4. If you find a welcome message, then read it and click on Accept.
  5. If you are using G Suite for Education account, you will be provided with two options – I’m A Student and I’m A Teacher.
  6. Click on Get Started.

Hopefully, by now you know about google classroom student sign in. And here are some more information related to this.

Google Classroom For Teachers

For creating a class, go to Click on add and then, create the class. Follow it by entering the class name (example – mathematics), enter text like class timing or grade (optional). Then, enter a subject and click on create. Your class would be created.

You can remove a student from the actions tab. To get the students enrolled you need to provide them with a code or else, invite them. There are other options as well such as archiving a class, deleting a class, inviting co-teachers, etc.

Google Classroom For Students

When you have signed in, you will see the classes that your teachers have created. All you need to do is add yourself to a class. You can view your assignments from the class calendar.

You will be required to provide a code, but if you have forgotten or lost it, then ask your teacher to resend it to you.

For Both Students and Teachers

For accessing other areas of the classroom, click on the menu tab. And the passwords can be managed from the settings menu.

So, now that you know it all, hopefully, you will use Google classrooms! Right?

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